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Claire "Lightning" Farron Final Fantasy XIII journal Lightning is Hope's Mentor, best friend, and his greatest motivation for much of his youth. When they first meet, his mother has just passed away in a tragic accident and, despite her lack of willingness to allow him to follow her, they come to get to know one another and become good friends. She is always the first to protect him and likewise he is always the first to come to her side in a fight, both equal partners.

On Atia, their relationship is much the same, though occasionally tense on his end as far as what she knows of a future she has yet to see back in their home. Hope is ahead of Lightning in their respective "timelines" on the island.

Snow Villers Final Fantasy XIII journal
If you've every had this annoying big brother that you wanted to hit in the face, Snow would be Hope's annoying big brother. Their bond is one that has been tested over and over by mistakes made by both parties. Snow was the first one to extend a hand in friendship and the boys learned from each other that mistakes are easy but admitting to them and learning to move past them is much harder. Their relationship becomes more light-hearted the longer time they spend getting to know one another.

Their relationship on Atia is much the same as home, if not more improved. Snow and Hope will often times be seen goofing around together, just being derpy guys, on their days off.

Serah Farron Final Fantasy XIII journal
Serah is as much a big sister to Hope as her sister. They have the shared experience of being under Lightning's stern gaze, though her gaze might be just a bit softer for her sister. They also know the pain of losing a parent so young, and having to learn to grow up quickly because of it. Hope is elated to see her again after her disappearance back home and the two set forth on a quest to return their home to the way it was, the peace they so missed dearly just out of their reach.

On the island their relationship is as easy going as it is back home. They share the sweet and quickly growing kitten, Claire.

Oerba Dia Vanille Final Fantasy XIII journal
While initially wary of the bright and happy exterior that Vanille brought forth, Hope gradually begins to calm within her company, healing slowly after the death of his mother. Vanille is the first one to be considered the closest thing he has to a friend after he is brought along on this journey as a Pulse l'Cie.

Collar Loosening Participation: November '11

Oerba Yun Fang Final Fantasy XIII journal
Hope and Fang, while their relationship differs from that of his relationship with Vanille, share a bond of wanting to set things right and to help their friends. Fang is someone he can easily converse with and one of the people Hope fights hard to save when the timeline becomes distorted back home.
Noel Kreiss Final Fantasy XIII-2 journal
Hope scarcely knows Noel beyond the fact that he is the last person alive and has come to warn him that the future is not as bright as he'd want it to be. He also helps him and Serah to set the timeline back to how it should be, in the hopes that Noel's home will be restored as well.

Their relationship on the island is initially strained due to the fact that Noel came with a lot of secrets that Hope was trying to keep for his friends' well being.

General CR
Estellise Sidos Heurassein Tales of Vesperia journal
Estelle is a girl that Hope is incredibly confused about more often than not. She's someone whom he has a deep respect for because she stands by her beliefs. Often times his deeper and less acknowledged feelings are frustrating for Hope when it comes to Estelle. He's not quite sure what she thinks or feels about him and part of him isn't sure he wants to know. She's someone he's done his utmost to make happy and to see smile, something that she brings out in him naturally. She's someone he's confided everything in, things that he couldn't immediately say to his friends and is someone who is a great support to him despite their minor disagreements and hang ups.

Collar Loosening Participation: February '12
Curse Participation: April '12

Hermione Granger Harry Potter series journal
The closest thing Hope has to a best friend that doesn't include the other women who have been in his life. She helped him when he first arrived, and often times gives him advice about women or even less trivial things. She is someone he's trusted his life to on at least one occassion, and participated in Atia's cruel games with her as well.

Collar Loosening Participation: December '11
Curse Participation: March '12

Aisha Clanclan Outlaw Star journal
While Aisha is not someone Hope knows incredibly well beyond network posts, he finds her to be outgoing and likable. The had the awkward misfortune to be cursed together thanks to Atia's horrible sense of humor.

Curse Participation: March '12

Chloe Noir journal
Chloe is someone who, while she confuses Hope with her strange ways, he finds her to be nice enough and someone who is easy to get along with. He has participated in a curse with her on one ocassion but that hasn't stopped him from finding a friend in her, albeit a friendship filled with worry over her tendencies and more questionable behavior.

Curse Participation: May '12

Rikku Final Fantasy X/X-2 journal
Rikku is a bubbly girl, much like Vanille, with some remarkable intelligence when it comes to machinery and Hope marvels at her work more often than not. They have become somewhat friendly with each other, since their awkwardness with the latest curse on the island.

Curse Participation: May '12

Naminé Kingdrom Hearts series journal
Naminé is someone who Hope took an instant liking to early in his time on the island. He finds her friendly and kind, someone he wouldn't mind getting to know better and whom he doesn't mind helping out once in a while.

Collar Loosening: March '12

Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII journal
Cloud has always been someone Hope greatly admires. While the guy is usually quiet and doesn't offer up much about himself, Hope respects that and sees him as a good friend.
Balthier Final Fantasy XII journal
Balthier is an interesting person who happens to own the home Hope and his friends all live in. Hope finds him friendly enough and someone whom he respects.
Johnny Storm Marvel journal
Hope and Johnny have run into each other on several occasions and he's the source of some curiosity due to his friendly relationship with his usually stoic mentor. Although, knowing the island - he's probably better off not knowing.
Tony Dinozzo NCIS journal
Hope's boss. He never fails to make him laugh given how easy going and friendly he is (and how easy it is for him to tease Lightning). Hope enjoys working with him.
Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist journal
Ed is someone Hope isn't quite sure what to make of him. They have disagreements but are both scientific and analytical types who have shared experiences.
Parsee Mizuhashi Touhou Project journal
Parsee never seems to like Hope a whole lot and is incredibly protective over Estelle. He generally avoids her when possible but is cordial and friendly when he does interact with her.


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